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7th November 2015 - Support Dungen - Byscenen. Trondeim

3th September 2015 - Familien - Trondheim

15th August 2015 - Bakklandsdagene - Trondheim

12th January 2015 - Release "Come Down EP" - Blæst, Trondheim

25th October 2013 - Support for Deathcrush - Blæst, Trondheim

16th August 2013 - Klubb Pstereo - Knaus, Studentersamfundet

8th March 2013 - SiS(support)1099 release - Blæst, Trondheim

13th February 2013 - ISFiT festival - Cafe Løkka, Trondheim

26th January 2013 - Trondheim Calling

13th April 2012 - Brukbar - Trondheim

14th March 2012 - Rockheim - Trondheim

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Mac DeMarco - Chamber Of Reflection

Unknown Mortal Orchestra "So Good At Being In Trouble" - Flashback to Good Old Shuggie.

Foxygen "No Destruction" - Flashback To Good Old Lou.

Trondheim Calling 2013

Highasakite "Son Of A Bitch" - a spectacular tune

Lou Reed "Men Of Good Fortune"

Lambchop "Give it" (Live) a knock out performance

Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Ffunny Ffrends" Live

Cold mailman "Time is of the essense" musicvideo by Andre Chocron

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Feat Beck and Mike D (Back to the 90´s)

Woods - Pushing Onlys (Live)

Explode into Colors - at the Portland art museum

Airwindows plug-ins

Tame Impala - lucidity (behind the scenes)

The Black Keys - to afraid to love you (live in studio)

Glyn Johns method of recording drums


06th October, 2015

Recording new material this autumn.


05th February, 2015

Release concert in Trondheim, one week from today.


24th January, 2015

1.Pay No Mind 2.Calm Down 3.Such a Let Down 4.All To Human - Come Down EP - digital release Monday 26th January on "NO FOREVERS REC"

Come Down EP


18th Desember, 2014

Maybe 10 below outside, but that doesnt seem to influence last weekends summer session in Greener Studio, Trondheim. A nice acoustic room, three microphones, a rather colorful signalchain, of no less than six transistor- and tube preamps, a descent compressor, a f###ed up mono tape machine and 11 hours of headscrathing. All to obtain that eh-oh-ba-pa-luba drum sound.

Colorful signal chain


17th November, 2014

Our first singel "Calm Down" is now available for purchase or stream in itunes, amazon, spotify, wimp, etc....

Calm Down

3th November, 2014

Sun in Sound has signed up with the Oslo based label "No Forevers." First Sun in Sound release will be on the new year. Check out promo songs and label fwends on No Forevers soundcloud channel.



2th October, 2013

Noisy Friday coming up. Deathcrush + Sun in Sound (Supp)@ Blæst 25th October.

Check out Deathcrush TV


26th August, 2013

Photo from last gig at Studentersamfundet - Klubb Pstereo.

SiS at Klubb Pstereo


12th July, 2013

The process of recording, mixing and mastering nine songs are finally brought to an end.


17th June, 2013

We will play at Knaus (Studentersamfundet/ Trondheim) Friday 16th August. Concert is part of the club scene program at the Pstereo Festival in Trondheim 16th - 17th August.


21th January 2013

Sun in Sound look forward to play at Cafe Løkka Wednesday 13th February in connection to the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT).


9th November 2012

Sun in Sound has been invited to play at Trondheim Calling 2013. We are thrilled.


23th October 2012

Recording session 2012 Moog

We have uploaded some photos from our recording session this summer. Ended up with five songs, wich we are quit happy with. Come back in mid November for a preview. All the best Sun in Sound.


22th June 2012

Day 1 of our one week studio session. Come back for more.


19th March 2012

sis at Rockheim

Sun in Sound at Rockheim.


5th September 2011

First review of our latest song "Cut Up Roots" (in Norwegian this time). "Lydbildet tar oss tilbake til 70-tallet, med diffus fuzzgitar og psykedeliske innfall. Det er en utrolig velbalansert produksjon som gir deg det du trenger av alle bitene for å skape en dødelig bra helhet. Det kan minne litt om Tame Impala, men akkurat det er aldri et minus."


4th September 2011

Still recording new music. We'll come back for indian summer. Our latest upload "Cut Up Roots" has some sort of space distortion qualities linked to it - Bzzzzzz Aldrin.


2th July 2011

New press pictures added. All photoes taken by our good friend and the very talented photographer Lars-Erik Berg.


3th June 2011

Sun in Sound- Such a Let Down

"Die Band aus Norwegen machen verzerrte Rockmusik: Sperriger als der Sound von The Black Keys und mit durchgeknallten Rhythmus-Ideen die an die Flaming Lips erinnern: Trondheimer Tropical-Bluesrock eben." On3-blog, 2011


25th April 2011

".......Such A Let Down" will make you feel either nauseous or smitten. It is like chewing too long on a raspberry, staring at a bee-sting, listening to the Flaming Lips too loud......." review from the Canadian music blog "Said the Grammophone."


19th April 2011

New spring, new song. Go to music.